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Blinds Glasgard

Our blinds Glasgard are heat and sun resistant, helping you keep your rooms cool in the summer months - and warm in the winter. The blinds provide an excellent solution for reducing your energy costs. The fabric reflects up to 84% of solar infrared radiation (IR) which we feel as heat, significantly reducing the cost of air conditioning in the rooms.
Blinds Glasgard are available as vertical blinds or roller blinds.

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Child safetyChild safety
Easy to cleanEasy to clean
Suitable for conservatoriesSuitable for conservatories
Can be automated Can be automated
Works with Amazon EchoWorks with Amazon Echo
Made in the UKMade in the UK
Available in aluminiumAvailable in aluminium

Colours and design

  • The most effective way to protect your interior spaces from sun and heat;
  • The fabric reflects up to 84% of solar infrared radiation;
  • Reduce heat gain through windows by 90%;
  • Help you save money on energy bills;
  • Your view of the outside is not limited;
  • Reduce glare from TV and computer screens;
  • Help you keep your house warm in the winter months;
  • Suitable for all types of roller blind mechanisms.
Technical details


Aluminium tube, metal or plastic mounting brackets, lower profile, control mechanism, fabric

Installation methods

Mounted on the window frame, walls above the windows, on the ceilings, or under the frames using Perfect Fit. No need to drill those beautiful windows!

Operating modes 

Via a simple chain system, or electronically

Maximum dimensions

Will depend on the fabric and its technical specifications






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