Explore luxurious and modern designs within 4 themed pleated blinds collections: Urban textures, Truffle woods, Sovereign and Sovereign BO.

Each collection fabric has been handpicked to satisfy all customer needs design-wise and provide good sun protection and optimal temperatures inside the premises:

  • All fabrics collected according to the latest interior trends;
  • We selected highly functional fabrics for different purpose buildings;
  • We have included a wider range of honeycomb fabrics - dimout and blackout;
  • Wider selection of transparent day fabrics;
  • Wider selection of fabrics with reflective backing;
  • You will find the most popular shades of blue according to Pantone 2020.

Urban Textures is a fabric collection reflecting the lines and structures found in the city. All fabrics are highly functional and suitable to accommodate city and suburban windows. Subtle texture fabrics with pearly backing are perfect for reflecting the heat, while gently filtering direct sunlight. Patterned fabrics with geometric or botanical print will bring some dimension to the windows without being too distracting.

Truffle Woods is an enchanting forest inspired collection with organic shades and natural looking patterns. The dominant part of this collection are day fabrics, highly transparent, but still providing some privacy. Each pleat of the fabric in this collection is decorated with wavy embroidery, fine and delicate print or a minor texture. The collection also includes three blackout fabrics with reflective backing, that will provide a modern touch to the windows.   

Sovereign, Sovereign BO collections are bursting with a royal looking colour palette, each fabric stands out with it’s micro-lined pattern, or succulent blocks of colour. The solid colour fabric structure reminds of velvet and silk material combination by having a smooth surface and slightly shiny fiber. These luxurious looking fabrics have the same colour on both sides of the fabric. Slightly textured fabrics on the other hand have a white back, which adds to keeping the temperatures cooler and reflecting the heat from entering the premises. Both fabric variations come with dimout and blackout qualities and thanks to it’s honeycomb structure, the collection is one of the best heat insulators. When looking at the corner of the fabric, there are visible air pockets, that lock in the warm air and protect from cold air or heat entering during the cold or hot seasons.

Here at Lex Blinds we are sure, that our wide selection of fabrics in the new royal collection will inspire the customers for new challenges, opportunities and experiments when updating their window coverings, adding functionality and light control to work spaces, or bringing new winds of fresh style to the cozy surrounding of each home.

So if you’re looking for inspiration or advice about window treatments, visit our beautiful showroom or call 0800 788 0000 to request a free appointment.

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