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In addition to their decorative appeal, blinds can be used to effectively control light flow to a room (even providing complete darkness if needed) and reduce external noise.

Lex Blinds prioritises quality and thus uses the latest technology and material for all of our made-to-measure products. Vertical blinds suit both offices and homes thanks to the wide range of fabrics, colours and transparency options they offer. Venetian blinds are best suited for a classic approach to décor and are simple to use and maintain. Our wooden Venetian blinds are made using special wood and guarantee strength and durability. These blinds are easy to clean, do not get deformed, and are resistant to splitting and fading in the sun. Pleated blinds create a modern and contemporary atmosphere, providing a touch of elegance to any space.

Machine washableMachine washable
Child safetyChild safety
Easy to cleanEasy to clean

Colours and design

  • suitable for both plastic and wooden windows;
  • this type of blinds is suitable for triangular and trapeze-shaped windows;
  • cord-operated for lifting and wand-operated for tilting;
  • due to their functionality, the blinds are excellent at various places;
  • these blinds effectively control the entry of sunlight into the room.
Technical details

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