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About Roller Blinds

Our made to measure roller blinds are perfect for decorating windows when seeking comfort and functionality. They are used as a single element or in combination with traditional curtains and can offer a maximum protection from direct sunlight. The product is made of polystyrene and other types of impregnated fabrics, therefore, does not collect dust, does not attract moisture, retains its shape and does not fade. Non-combustible fabrics are available for installation in premises that are subject to high fire safety requirements (kindergartens, schools, hospitals). We are also able to offer sun and heat resistant blinds, blinds for roof windows and photo roller blinds. Photo roller blinds are a work of art on the window - modern technology allows printing one’s favourite image on roller blinds, which can also be done on both sides. These roller blinds can also be used to advertise a business by printing company’s logo or business name. This can become a business card for cafés, restaurants, beauty parlours. Roller blinds are not simply fashionable and stylish, but also original.

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  • Easy adjusted to windows
  • More than 1000 fabrics to choose from
  • Big collection of fabrics let us offer you blind for every room or any interrior
  • The bottom edge of the fabric can be decorated with a wave
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