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Making the right choices when it comes to window treatments is very important because natural light is essential in creating a home you love.

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Unlimited solutions for your windows
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0% APR Interest FREE Credit now available from Lex Blinds
Energy Efficient Window Treatments for Lower Bills & Stylish Home

Looking for ways to create a beautiful and resource-efficient home? While there are many innovative home solutions and multifunctional design items, window treatments remain one of the key aspects. Today modern, energy efficient window coverings are a perfect combination of unique style, efficient light and privacy control and game-changing insulating properties. UV protection, heat-resistant fabrics, unique design technologies and automated operating mechanisms – these are the qualities making windows more energy efficient. Thus, your home too. Lex Blinds assortment is all about an inseparable combination of style and functionality – constantly working on it, we do have some tips on elevating your home's appeal and saving on utility bills. And we are more than happy to share those insights with you.

Ready? Let's get into the nitty gritty of improving window energy efficiency all year round.

Energy Saving Window Treatments – Keeping the Heat Out & the Warmth In?

The goal of energy saving shades is to contribute when creating a more resource-efficient home all year round. So, when it comes to improving window energy efficiency, we are talking about both – keeping the heat out and the warmth in. Stylish window covers can play a significant role in keeping your home cool during hot days and maintaining warmth during the cold season. 

Whether your priority is window covers to keep heat out or in, the best part is that one high-quality window treatment can do both – help to keep your place cool during summer and warm and cosy in winter. For instance, one energy saving blinds will work perfectly as a shield from heat and an extra insulation layer to avoid losing warmth. Obviously, some solutions may work better in particular cases.

5 Essential Window Treatments’ Features Making Windows More Energy Efficient

Many of us know that the orientation of windows is an essential factor – south-facing windows may require different treatments than north-facing ones. Also, naturally, floor-to-ceiling coverage is generally more efficient than shorter treatments. Still, if you're after high-quality energy saving shades – perfect window coverings for winter and hot summer days – there are other factors to keep in mind too. 

Regardless of whether you're looking for window covers to keep heat in or, as a more common situation – to keep it out, you should consider insulation properties, fabrics, installation, operation mechanisms and a few more nuances. Five essential ones to have in mind:

  1. Material and Fabric. The type of materials and fabrics plays a significant role in a product's energy efficiency. Especially when it comes to fabrics – for instance, heavier curtains of dense weaving are more effective at blocking heat and cold than lightweight ones. Look for options like wool, velvet, or tightly woven synthetic materials.
  2. Layers and Unique Design Techniques. Multi-layered window treatments, such as double curtains or honeycomb shades, create air pockets that act as insulation, reducing heat loss during the winter and heat gain during the summer. If you are interested in better insulation properties, remember a so-called R-value measure that indicates insulation – the higher it is, the better insulation shades provide.
  3. UV Reflective & Heat Resistant Coatings. Many of our window treatments feature reflective coatings that bounce sunlight away from the window, reducing solar heat gain. You want to look for heat-resistant materials if your main goal is to keep your home cooler in the summer. Another crucial factor is UV protection – not only do such covers reduce heat gain, but they also prevent your furnishings from fading. When choosing shades to reflect the heat, pay attention to a so-called U-factor (a lower one signifies less heat transfer).
  4. Tight Fit and Sealing. Product design plays a huge role, yet insulating window treatments are about a proper installation and a snug fit too. Gaps could mean heat exchange and reduced shade efficiency. So, you want to prevent air leakage around the edges of the window treatment. Obviously, you can get the best result and professionally insulated windows only by investing in quality ones in the first place.
  5. Automation and Control. Motorised or automated window treatments can be programmed to adjust based on the time of day or temperature, optimising energy efficiency by allowing sunlight in when it's beneficial and closing when it's not. If you're looking to create a smart home, check the possibility of installing solar sensors that could help you automate the process even more – such covers could retract automatically following the level of sun exposure.

Windows are one of the main culprits of heat and air conditioning loss in your home. We are proud to say that Lex Blinds window treatments can insulate your windows and reduce this loss by as much as 64%. While outdoor blinds are considered one of the most effective in terms of sun protection and energy efficiency, there are many other options to complement any home of any style.

Read on and find a list of products that could elevate your home's appeal and functionality – from thermal energy saving curtains to various energy efficient blinds mounted outdoors or indoors.

Types & Benefits of Energy Efficient Window Coverings

Creating a modern Scandinavian interior or maybe looking for energy efficient window treatments to complement a classic look? No matter the style you’re after, you can have both – unique design and functionality. So, if someone says you must choose one or the other, they aren’t professionals. Selecting the right window treatment is key.

Here are a few indoor mounted options that would complement different interior styles and benefit your resource-saving plan:

  • Blackout blinds. These are perfect in bedrooms and living rooms or office spaces. They do look elegant and allow you to enjoy a quality night's sleep, a movie or a presentation with no screen glare. Modern energy saving blinds or curtains of a blackout fabric can provide high-level thermal insulation. Thus, they can actually reduce your heating costs by up to 24%.
  • Wooden Blinds. If you want to add a touch of natural elegance, Lex Blinds offer eco-friendly and energy-efficient wooden blinds. A sleek yet dense structure solution helps to reduce heating and cooling energy loss by up to 40% when shades are entirely lowered. Looking for a perfect blind to keep heat out or warmth in? Wooden materials are known for their excellent insulating properties.
  • Pleated blinds. Double thermal blinds feature a revolutionary design of two layers of honeycomb pockets, making them the perfect choice for the ultimate energy saving. A unique honeycomb-shaped structure is incredibly effective – air pockets block heat from entering your home while also preventing heat loss during colder months. Such covers offer versatility in controlling natural light too. Not to mention a crisp, pleated design that adds a modern flair to any windows.
  • Roman blinds. Beauty lies in simplicity – featuring a single piece of fabric that rolls up or down smoothly, these window treatments could offer a simple and sleek design or a sophisticated, classic look. If keeping your windows stylish and efficiently controlling light aren't the only priorities, check out our made-to-measure handmade Roman blinds with thermal lining fabric. Such covers will also help to save on heating bills and reduce draughts.
  • Curtains. If you prefer classical or contemporary elegance only curtains can provide, here at Lex Blinds, we offer a gorgeous range of made-to-measure curtains. Now, for those wanting to save resources, we suggest looking into our thermal energy saving curtains assortment. Designed with special woven fabrics, such curtains provide efficient light control, help to keep the heat out during the hot season, and reduce heat loss through your windows when it's cold outside.
  • Shutters. There's something about shutters that makes them a luxurious accent to any space. But the unique ambience is not the only thing these shades offer. Adjustable solid louvres guarantee reliable thermal insulation, which helps to save on heating or air conditioning. Let alone improved insulation from noises outdoors.
And a few more – just this time outdoor mounted – energy saving window coverings to lower utility bills and contribute to your unique home style:

  • Outdoor roller blinds. Outdoor mounted energy efficient blinds of unique Screen fabric can block up to 90% of the sun's heat on the outside of buildings. Needless to say, air conditioning costs will reduce significantly. Outdoor roller blinds with Blockout fabric provide thermal insulation, reflect the UV rays, and hold back the wind. Seems like it could be way easier to keep the optimal temperature during different seasons.
  • Outdoor Venetian blinds. Are you looking for something more elegant? Look over our outdoor mounted Venetian blinds. Modern, heat-resistant shades could block up to 80% of solar heat and light entering your home. Tilt the slats to a desired level and diffuse sunlight – reduce the intensity of heat while still allowing natural light to brighten your rooms.
  • Roller shutters. This modern exterior solution provides a triple benefit – energy and cost savings (efficient light and heat control), sound isolation, and an enhanced safety function. Regarding energy efficient window coverings, these work as insulating barriers. They create an additional insulation layer between your indoor space and the outside environment when fully closed. Regulate indoor temperature and prevent heat from entering during hot weather or retain warmth during colder months.

Lex Blinds’ made-to-measure blinds, curtains, shutters and outdoor blinds are more than beautiful. Through thoughtful planning and smart design, our window treatment solutions can transform the comfort and performance of your living space. 

Good news – we do have some pretty noteworthy sales going on from time to time, so contact us and find out if any offers are available for your preferred window coverings. Measuring and fitting are included – simply book your appointment, and we'll be there within 48 hours to take all measurements for free.

Improving Window Energy Efficiency – A Few More Tips for a Better Use of Resources

Making windows energy efficient is not only about choosing the right treatments and installing them professionally but also about properly operating them. Also, if you want to make the most of your energy saving window treatments, there are more smart home functions to consider. So, here are a few more steps to improving window energy efficiency:

  • Make sure your windows and doors are properly covered, depending on the weather.
  • Connect heating and cooling systems to window coverings.
  • Take advantage of the free solar heat on sunny winter days.
  • On winter nights, close the window coverings to save the accumulated heat, and on summer days, keep the window covers in a closed position to prevent the rooms from overheating.
  • Install meteorological sensors that will help you control your automated shades and home environment even when you are not at home.

Energy saving window treatments and a few smart solutions can actually be game-changers when creating more resource-efficient spaces. To be more precise – getting the most out of natural lighting and insulation properties to maintain optimal temperature. Regardless of the time of the year.

Ready to discover the type of window treatment that would enhance your home's interior style and would allow you to use resources more effectively? Our team of professionals is prepared to answer your questions and help you find truly effective solutions – window covers to keep heat out or in throughout different seasons.

0% APR Interest FREE Credit now available from Lex Blinds

Dear Customers, we are delighted to announce we are introducing our flexible payments plans of your stylish window treatments. Lex Blinds have partnered with leading finance provider to offer you a choice of flexible and competitive payment options available to suit your budget.

Giving your home a Lex Blinds makeover has never been easier. Finance is available subject to status and is provided by Improveasy Ltd.

Lex Blinds Window Treatments Finance

Pay for your window treatments in affordable monthly payments. We offer flexible finance on all Lex Blinds products – see our conditions here:

  • Minimum loan amount £1000
  • Rate of interest 0% APR Representative
  • Deposit from 35% (depends on product)
  • Available over 12 or 24 months
  • Minimum age 21
  • Maximum age 85

Representative Example

Product: Shutters
Price: £ 3000.00
Deposit: £ 1400.00
Term: 36 months
Loan Amount: £ 1600.00
Monthly Payments: £ 44.44
Total Interest (0% APR): £ 0
Total Repayable: £ 1600.00

Applying For Finance

You can discuss finance options at any time with our trained sales team, just call us now on 0800 788 0000, or email

Lex Blinds is an IAR (Introducer Appointed Representative) providing an introduction service through our finance partner Improveasy Ltd. This means that we introduce you to a finance partner rather than provide the finance ourselves.

You should still be aware that all finance is offered subject to status and affordability and that other terms and conditions apply. Please see our FAQ section below for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you provide the finance yourselves?

No. We are what’s called an ‘Introducer Appointed Representative’. This means we have been appointed by an FCA registered firm (Improveasy) to introduce you to their panel of lenders. This is a regulated activity supervised by the FCA.

  • What is the minimum lending criteria?

Applicants must be 21 or over at the time of application and younger than 85 years old on the day of the last payment of the agreement. You must be a permanent UK resident (for at least the last three years) and a home owner with a minimum income of £10,000 a year. Proof of income will be required.

  • How much can i borrow?

You can borrow up to £25,000, but you must borrow at least £1,000 to be eligible for finance.

  • Do i have to be in full time employment?

No. Part time employed, self-employed, retired or non-working applicants can still apply but will need to show proof of income (pension and benefit income is acceptable if it meets the lender’s criteria and is more than £10,000 a year).

  • How long does it take to apply for finance?

The application takes around 15 – 20 minutes.

  • How soon will i get a decision?

You will receive an instant ‘accept’ or ‘decline’ from the lender once your online application is submitted. If the decision is borderline, it may be referred to an underwriter for further review. In this instance, it may take twenty minutes to make further checks. Note however that underwriter checks are only made 9am-6pm Monday to Friday, so if you apply outside these hours, you may need to wait to the following working day for a final decision.

  • Are there any risks relating to my property?

No. Finance provided by Improveasy is not secured against property or assets and is classed as ‘unsecured personal finance’. The details of this will be clearly outlined on your consumer credit agreement.

  • Can i change my payment dates?

Yes. Shortly after your product installation, the lender will write to you. You can contact them directly after this date to change you monthly direct debit payment date.

  • What if i have more questions?
You can contact Improveasy directly and speak with one of their advisers: 0800 0248505, or alternatively you can email in any queries to Their opening hours are 9am-5:30pm Monday to Friday.

Energy Efficient Window Treatments for Lower Bills & Stylish Home
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