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Energy Efficiency

Looking for energy saving home improvements? Then, you've come to the right place. As windows are one of the main culprits of heat and air conditioning loss in your home, high-quality windows and window treatments are critical to making house more energy efficient. High-quality shades play a massive role – a worthwhile investment in quality shades reduces your utility bills and leads to long-term savings. Energy efficiency is a highly topical subject, so creating new and improving our products, we made it one of Lex Blinds' main priorities. Read on and learn about our solutions to using resources wisely.

Energy Saving Home Improvements with Lex Blinds

We constantly seek window treatment innovations for more comfortable and functional working and living environments. Made-to-measure, highly customisable window treatments – from indoor to outdoor solutions – are designed to help you use energy better throughout the year. What makes it possible?

These qualities and functions contribute not only to creating a more energy efficient home but also more sustainable places. Innovative materials and smart operation mechanisms make our shades work as protective shields to save your belongings from harmful external factors and quick wear.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability – From Indoors to Outdoor Living Spaces

Here at Lex Blinds, we can offer customised shades to enhance your interior and exterior. Indoor and outdoor mounted solutions allow you to create comfortable, stylish and resource efficient spaces – home and outdoor living you can enjoy to their fullest.

How do indoor and outdoor mounted Lex Blinds shades work as energy saving home improvements? Here are a few perks you should consider:

  1. Optimised temperature. Whether it's thermal curtains, increased insulation cellular shades or heat resistant external blinds (Screen fabric can block up to 90% of the sun's heat on the outside of buildings!), our products are designed to minimise heat transfer through your windows (and doors or other openings). Effective heat regulation and insulation properties prevent heat from escaping during the winter (you can save heat energy) and entering during the summer. So, you can improve heat efficiency and enjoy a more stable indoor temperature with minimal effort.
  2. Lower Heating and Cooling Costs. By preventing unwanted heat gain or loss, these energy saving solutions for windows and doors help reduce reliance on heating and cooling systems. As these systems typically consume a significant portion of energy usage, shades that help to optimise temperature mean lower utility bills.
  3. Less Energy Demand. While the demand for HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems is reduced, energy consumption is lower. Another important factor – modern mechanisms allow you to control shades so that they would block the heat and sunlight but let you enjoy natural lighting instead of artificial one for longer.
  4. Optimised Natural Lighting. Regarding lower energy demand, we should expand on optimised natural lighting a little more, especially when the primary window treatments' purpose is efficient light control. Depending on your chosen window treatments, you can operate them to allow diffused natural light to enter while blocking excess heat and glare. Result – reduced need for artificial lighting during the day, thus, lower energy consumption.
  5. Improved Insulation. Professionally installed shades can help reduce air leakage around windows, a typical energy loss source. Solid materials and tight sealing prevent drafts and outdoor and indoor air exchange. Improved insulation means easier maintenance of optimal temperature and less noise from outdoors.

From modern thermal curtains, heat resistant blinds, or perfectly insulating shutters to outdoor mounted blinds and awnings – choose your preferred materials, operation mechanisms and additional functions to contribute to your smart and more energy efficient home vision. 

Automated solutions compatible with smart home systems allow you to control shades (therefore, temperature as well) throughout the day with a push of a button or voice command. The best part – you can create the desired atmosphere comfortably being at home or away. Extra functions, such as temperature sensors, can take the worry off your shoulders – window treatments will work automatically according to weather conditions.

Here you’ll find some more useful tips and information about different types of indoor and outdoor mounted shades that will help you save energy and improve energy efficiency at your home.

Want Long-Lasting Energy Saving Solutions? Maintain Your Windows & Window Treatments

Unlocking the full potential of energy efficient house window treatments begins with a simple yet crucial step: installing and operating them properly. Then, of course, maintain both – your windows and shades – responsibly. Here are a few valuable reminders:

These are some easy steps to get the most out of your window energy saving solutions for years. Seems like with the right window treatments and minimal effort, you can noticeably minimise energy costs and maximise comfort.

Ready to make some game-changing energy efficient home improvements? All you have to do is book your appointment and and we’ll be there within 48 hours of booking to take all the measurements for FREE. We can offer a virtual appointment with one of our expert estimators via video call or Zoom. 

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There’s no need to postpone your long-term investment in a more resource effective home – pay for your window treatments in affordable monthly payments. We offer flexible finance on all Lex Blinds products – see our conditions here.


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Outdoor Blinds: Protect Your Furnishings and Save Resources
Somfy for smart and elegant window control

Somfy is an international company that uses its smart innovation and technology to bring comfort into your home. Its engineers are constantly inventing new ways of making your home more comfortable and safe.

The company is most well-known for its home automation application, which allows you to control home appliances with a touch of a button, over the Internet.

The company, which operates in around 60 countries, collaborates very closely with Lex Blinds, allowing us to offer a completely automatic system for all our blinds and roller blinds - this way making your life easier.

We’re all after creating a stress-free, comfortable and cosy home where we can wind down and relax. Innovative home technology is one of the best ways of achieving this comfort.

Somfy innovative home tech allows you to control your indoor roller blinds and outdoor electric blinds with a smartphone app. Not only can you adjust your blinds using the app in real-time – but you can also set your blinds to a preferred position for a specific time in the future.   

Bringing innovation into your home has never been easier - simply download the app to your smartphone or tablet. It links directly to your wireless network and allows you to control your window coverings at the touch of a button.
Somfy makes innovative home tech and electric blinds easily accessible to all households, as there are options to suit all interiors and budgets. Somfy also ensures that the system is intuitive and easy to use – and there is plenty of tech support and guidance available when it comes to their products.
With the app, you can also control the angle at which the light comes in – not only raise and lower the blinds!
Another excellent feature of the Somfy system is energy efficiency. Somfy blinds will help control your window coverings in different seasons, helping to keep the heat in or out depending on the season. The system isn’t only environmentally friendly – but also helps you reduce energy costs, protects against harmful UV rays, and gives your home an extra boost of comfort.

You can also set the blinds to open and close at the desired time. This means that it can become a stress-free alarm clock, helping you wake up more naturally. If you have a window covering system that can create complete darkness in your room, you can use the slowly rising Somfy ‘alarm clock’ window covering to gradually wake you up. You’ll be able to wake up without the shock we usually experience when an alarm clock suddenly rings, setting a more positive tone for the day ahead.

Try the Somfy automatic system for your home window coverings and enjoy the comfort of innovative home technology.

Not sure which covering solution best suits your home windows? Our specialists will help you find the right option – just get in touch!  
If you’re looking for inspiration or advice about window treatments, visit our beautiful showroom or call 0800 788 0000 to book a free home consultation.

You’ll find us here: 190 High Road, Loughton, Essex, IG10 1DN

Outdoor Blinds: Protect Your Furnishings and Save Resources

Looking for stylish yet highly functional window treatments? To your surprise, there are quite a few options that can enliven any interior, block out the sun and even save resources. All at the same time. If you asked us, one of the best solutions would be automated outdoor blinds. Innovative outdoor-mounted shields declutter any space, protect furnishings and save energy. Let us explain how it works and share a few valuable insights.

One of the Most Efficient Solutions? We’ll Explain

The truth is that an effective sun control system is an essential resource-saving measure and criteria to create functional homes, offices, or any other places and spaces. There is no doubt that modern blinds can upgrade a modern interior as well as exterior. But the most crucial part here is that the outdoor ones are game-changing when it comes to:

    a) Saving resources
    b) Protecting furnishings

First up, is the thorny issue of integrating more resource-saving solutions – these always seem to require solid investments. However, we must say that not all are costly or need a lot of effort. For instance, external electric blinds with a modern Screen fabric can block out up to 90 % of the sun. Compared to the internal solutions, Lex Blinds outdoor screen fabric can reduce the heat gain to as little as 15 %.

Thus, you can decide on when to:

  • Allow more heat during sunny winter days
  • Completely block out the sun during the hottest summer season days

We must mention the high-level isolation of our outside-mounted products. Obviously, as the isolation improves, energy consumption reduces. In the summertime, you'll save on conditioning and in winter – on heating costs.

The other point is efficient furnishings’ protection. There’s a reason why we talk of the unwanted glare and harmful UV rays that much. Unprotected or poorly protected windows mean faded furnishings and vice versa. The before mentioned high-quality screen fabrics allow the pleasant daylight in but block out harmful rays. When shields are mounted outside, it reduces the contact to the minimum. And prolongs the furnishings’ durability to the maximum.

While the outdoor blinds contribute to efficient heat control, there’s also a chance to create a smart lighting system. With high-quality outer roller / Venetian blinds, it’s easy to control the light flux and save on artificial light. Needless to mention the eye comfort when working in non-irritating natural lighting.

Measuring Effectiveness of Sun-Control Systems

If you’re after a functional and resources-saving home, you most likely know about the passive house. The passive house idea is based on the philosophy that solar gains could be almost all it takes to heat the whole home. Meaning the largest windows would face the south.

Now, the automated, heat-protective outdoor shields play a key role in balancing the energy needs during winter and summer. How would you know that the sun-control system is efficient? Look at it this way – effectiveness is simply a percentage.

Window treatments’ efficiency consists of a few parts, or to be more precise, the amount of solar energy that:

    a) Passes through (TS bandwidth)
    b) Is absorbed (AS absorption)
    c) Is reflected (RS reflection)

Of course, there is fabrics' density and even favourable colours – those you need to assess too. Still, the overall quality and insights of an expert play the first fiddle. So, don't forget to ask questions. Trustworthy, BBSA recognised professionals should know about those indicators and principles of crafting an energy-saving, passive place.

Blinds and Other Outdoor-Mounted Solutions

When you know the resource-saving benefits, it's hard not to consider the exterior shields as an option. Talking of which, the most popular alternative to internal solutions could be blinds. There are a few models to choose from – external:

    1) Outdoor Roller Blinds (solid fabric)
    2) Outdoor Venetian Blinds (various widths and shapes of slats)

While following the passive house philosophy, other efficient outdoor shields selections are also worth your attention. For instance:

Our qualified team can consult you on the most efficient exterior window treatments in your individual case. Meanwhile, check out each option. We've listed the most important features and highlights in the detailed descriptions.

Modern Product Perks, or What Can We Offer

Now, if you've made your decision, we are here to help you out. Despite the type and size of windows, we specialise in personalized, made-to-measure, and even non-standard solutions. Over the years, we've crafted a desirable combination of technical qualities, sustainability, and modern design. Here you'll find:

  • Wide range of products for different spaces and places
  • Different types of mounting structures and constructions
  • Energy-saving solutions
  • High-quality UV-protective, isolating fabrics
  • Remote control and automation solutions

As for the latter point, there's a chance to integrate light and temperature sensors, obstacle detectors, timers, etc. Basically, we're saying – today, you can craft your perfect window treatments. Stylish and functional.

So, there you have it – the image of modern external window blinds. And a passive home that saves resources and exploitation costs. Want to get to know the most efficient outdoor-mounted solutions for your windows? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll arrange an appointment within 24 hours after we receive your enquiry.

Somfy for smart and elegant window control

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