Outdoor Blinds: Protect Your Furnishings and Save Resources

Looking for stylish yet highly functional window treatments? To your surprise, there are quite a few options that can enliven any interior, block out the sun and even save resources. All at the same time. If you asked us, one of the best solutions would be automated outdoor blinds. Innovative outdoor-mounted shields declutter any space, protect furnishings and save energy. Let us explain how it works and share a few valuable insights.

One of the Most Efficient Solutions? We’ll Explain

The truth is that an effective sun control system is an essential resource-saving measure and criteria to create functional homes, offices, or any other places and spaces. There is no doubt that modern blinds can upgrade a modern interior as well as exterior. But the most crucial part here is that the outdoor ones are game-changing when it comes to:

    a) Saving resources
    b) Protecting furnishings

First up, is the thorny issue of integrating more resource-saving solutions – these always seem to require solid investments. However, we must say that not all are costly or need a lot of effort. For instance, external electric blinds with a modern Screen fabric can block out up to 90 % of the sun. Compared to the internal solutions, Lex Blinds outdoor screen fabric can reduce the heat gain to as little as 15 %.

Thus, you can decide on when to:

We must mention the high-level isolation of our outside-mounted products. Obviously, as the isolation improves, energy consumption reduces. In the summertime, you'll save on conditioning and in winter – on heating costs.

The other point is efficient furnishings’ protection. There’s a reason why we talk of the unwanted glare and harmful UV rays that much. Unprotected or poorly protected windows mean faded furnishings and vice versa. The before mentioned high-quality screen fabrics allow the pleasant daylight in but block out harmful rays. When shields are mounted outside, it reduces the contact to the minimum. And prolongs the furnishings’ durability to the maximum.

While the outdoor blinds contribute to efficient heat control, there’s also a chance to create a smart lighting system. With high-quality outer roller / Venetian blinds, it’s easy to control the light flux and save on artificial light. Needless to mention the eye comfort when working in non-irritating natural lighting.

Measuring Effectiveness of Sun-Control Systems

If you’re after a functional and resources-saving home, you most likely know about the passive house. The passive house idea is based on the philosophy that solar gains could be almost all it takes to heat the whole home. Meaning the largest windows would face the south.

Now, the automated, heat-protective outdoor shields play a key role in balancing the energy needs during winter and summer. How would you know that the sun-control system is efficient? Look at it this way – effectiveness is simply a percentage.

Window treatments’ efficiency consists of a few parts, or to be more precise, the amount of solar energy that:

    a) Passes through (TS bandwidth)
    b) Is absorbed (AS absorption)
    c) Is reflected (RS reflection)

Of course, there is fabrics' density and even favourable colours – those you need to assess too. Still, the overall quality and insights of an expert play the first fiddle. So, don't forget to ask questions. Trustworthy, BBSA recognised professionals should know about those indicators and principles of crafting an energy-saving, passive place.

Blinds and Other Outdoor-Mounted Solutions

When you know the resource-saving benefits, it's hard not to consider the exterior shields as an option. Talking of which, the most popular alternative to internal solutions could be blinds. There are a few models to choose from – external:

    1) Outdoor Roller Blinds (solid fabric)
    2) Outdoor Venetian Blinds (various widths and shapes of slats)

While following the passive house philosophy, other efficient outdoor shields selections are also worth your attention. For instance:

Our qualified team can consult you on the most efficient exterior window treatments in your individual case. Meanwhile, check out each option. We've listed the most important features and highlights in the detailed descriptions.

Modern Product Perks, or What Can We Offer

Now, if you've made your decision, we are here to help you out. Despite the type and size of windows, we specialise in personalized, made-to-measure, and even non-standard solutions. Over the years, we've crafted a desirable combination of technical qualities, sustainability, and modern design. Here you'll find:

As for the latter point, there's a chance to integrate light and temperature sensors, obstacle detectors, timers, etc. Basically, we're saying – today, you can craft your perfect window treatments. Stylish and functional.

So, there you have it – the image of modern external window blinds. And a passive home that saves resources and exploitation costs. Want to get to know the most efficient outdoor-mounted solutions for your windows? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll arrange an appointment within 24 hours after we receive your enquiry.

Excellent team. Friendly and competent from sales to installation. The after-sales is very good too. We have used them many times both internal and external and will continue to do so.

11 Sept 2022 Phil Broider

Fantastic chap came for the quote, he was full of great advice and very professional (and friendly!). Installation was great too, and fab communication throughout

18 Aug 2022 Tatiana

"Fantastic Blinds, had battery and electric blinds fitted. Steven was fantastic and brilliant throughout, always answered my questions about the setup. The installation team were very professional and polite. Thank you."

18 DEC 2021 FH

"Very happy with the service from Lex Blinds. Very patient , good advice given whilst measuring and absolutely no pressure or rush or make a decision or purchase.
I am extremely happy with the installation, very neat and tidy work. I will definitely use your services again and would recommend to others."

20 DEC 2021 Emma

Great service, the colours of the blinds are exactly as I imagined. The people were very friendly and efficient. The person who took my measurements was extremely thorough and advised me to take the best decision.
I would highly recommend! I can only say good things! Thank you all for the best service.

2 Mar 2022 Goranova Emiliya

“Jelena was outstanding - she went over and above to ensure I was 100% happy - super efficient."

24 DEC 2021 Maggie

"Great service. Very pleased with my shutters and blinds."

14 JAN 2022 Emma Waugh

“Amazing service, great products and price. We had our windows done by Lex and they looks amazing. From the first visit of the surveyor to the instalation of our blinds we knew that we are in good hands and the final efect its just great. We recommend Lex Blinds and for sure will be using them in future. Thank you Lex!!!”

21 FEB 2021 Aleks

“Lex Blinds were recommended to me and they did not disappoint! I had some print roller blinds for my kids bedroom and they look fantastic! Auris was very knowledgeable and explained everything so now I’ve placed a second order for the shutters. Girls from the office were always friendly and helpful and the fitters were very professional and tidy. Couldn’t recommend this company enough!”

28 FEB 2021 Anastassija
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