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Lex Blinds shutters are available in a wide range of materials, styles and colours

There's nothing quite like the look of a beautiful, bright window, decorated with elegant shutter blinds! Lex Blinds shutters:

  • Offer an intelligent light control solution.
  • Allow you to enhance your privacy without sacrificing natural light flow by operating the louvres for the top and bottom panels independently.
  • Regulate temperature, the insulation properties of a framed shutter create a barrier to the cool outside air entering the room through the window, whilst a white shutter reflects the heat from the sun’s rays in the warmer months.
  • We offer a variety of shutter styles for you to choose from - and our extensive assortment means that there are styles to match every interior.
Choose your favorite style:
  • Cafe style - designed to cover the lower section of your window, this shutter style will offer a high level of privacy, while allowing natural light flow into the room.  
  • Tier on Tier shutters are designed to allow you to control the top louvre section of your shutters independently from the lower giving you complete control of light and privacy. 
  • Full Height - designed to dress the full-height of the window. Available with a mid-rail, enabling the shutter blades to be operated separately.
A wide range of other styles available: bay window, solid panel, tracked - and even shutters for odd shaped windows!

Decorate your windows with our beautiful shutters, and create a home you can't wait to return to! More inspiration here.

As we sincerely care about our customers, we always strive to offer the best solutions that would meet their needs. That is why we have created a Flexible 3-step payment plan, which allows our clients to spread the cost of their new shutter order over three payments. Call 0800 788 0000 our showroom to arrange a home visit and place an order with just 30% deposit!


Child safetyChild safety
Easy to cleanEasy to clean
Made in the UKMade in the UK

Colours and design

  • All aspects can be customised to make the shutters an ideal element of your interior!
  • If you want to create a completely dark environment, some of our shutters can be combined with blackout blinds.
  • The shutters are available in 3 different materials: MDF, Hardwood (paulownia or basswood), and UPVC.
  • Paulownia and basswood are durable, lightweight, and fully FSC Certified (they come from a certified sustainable source).
  • MDF is a denser material than hardwood - and is a more cost-effective option.
  • UPVC is the ideal solution for humid areas, and since this material is man-made, it will outlast any wood shutter.
  • If you’re after a more elegant look, go for a traditional style tilt rod which is placed in the centre is the best option. The tilt rod can also be offset about an inch from the hinged side of the panel - or even hidden.
  • The shutters can be virtually any shade! We have 40 different colours to choose from - but you can also pick any custom colour to tailor the shutters to the look of your room. Colours with stained finishes are also available.
Technical details

Available materials

Hardwood (paulownia or basswood);

Operating principle

To operate the shutter, move the louvres up or down (if you tilt one louvre, all of them will tilt at the same time). Adjusting the shutters is easy - so you can enjoy plenty of privacy.


MDF: 47, 63, 76, 89mm
Paulownia and Basswood: 47, 63, 76, 89 or 114mm
UPVC: 63, 76 or 89mm




MDF: 5-year warranty
Hardwood: 5-year warranty
UPVC: 5-year warranty


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