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So, what makes shutters the right shading solution for you?

Firstly, louvres provide a unique window covering solution. They don’t only create shade – but also give you complete control over how much light enters your home. Plus, our louvre shutters come in a range of sizes – which means that you’re guaranteed to find a suitable solution for your home!
We all seek shade in the summer months – but some like more shade than others. This is why it is important to be able to customise your louvre shutters by choosing different configurations of panels (for example, tier on tier or full height) - to ensure they meet your needs.
Our bespoke window shutters are truly unique. As they are made-to-measure, you are able to customise all aspects, ensuring the shutters meet all your requirements and are an ideal solution for your home.
The shutters are available in a wide range of materials, styles and colours. The amount of choice may seem daunting at first – but once you understand the basics, it’ll become easier to pick from the options available. For example, our 12(+) frame types come in 4 different types – but the differences between them are mostly cosmetic.
When looking for the right shutter option, start with the material. There are 3 materials to choose from:


Hardwood shutters are incredibly durable yet lightweight, thus making hardwood ideal for window shutters. However, bear in mind that hardwood isn’t suitable for areas that will be exposed to a lot of moisture or direct contact with water. In these areas, it’s best to go for a UPVC shutter.

Paulownia Hardwood

Paulownia is the fastest growing tree in the world – and its wood is lightweight and strong. With its widely spaced tree rings, it is less dense than Basswood. To compensate for this, it is treated with a gesso coating (also known as acrylic polymer base) before it goes through our refined painting process.

Paulownia’s engineered core reduces the possibility of warping, meaning that it offers outstanding dimensional stability. It has a fine grain texture, as well as a knot-free appearance and low oil content – making it the ideal timber for painting and staining.

Paulownia is perfect for the frame, top and bottom rails, stile, louvres and mid-rails – which is why we use it for all parts of the shutter. The tree is fully FSC certified, meaning that it comes from a certified and fully sustainable source and isn’t harming the world’s forests.

The Paulownia wood has a different style of clear view rod to the Basswood and PVC Shutters. It allows for better movement when opening and closing the louvres – so as not to place strain on the wood.

Basswood Hardwood

Basswood, also known as Linden Wood, Limewood or Tilia Wood, is fairly common in Northern America. It offers outstanding stability and tightly spaced growth rings. Basswood is a high-density hardwood and is even more durable than Paulownia, making it the perfect option for large installations or high access areas.

The outstanding stability Basswood offers are due to its engineered core, which reduces the possibility of warping. It is a lightweight, high-quality hardwood, which offers a smooth, consistent grain. This means that hardwood is ideal for painting.

All of our wooden shutters are manufactured using mortise and tenon joinery. Prior to being machined, they undergo an extensive kiln drying process.

UPVC Waterproof

UPVC material is better suited for wet rooms or areas with high levels of moisture. Our UPVC core composite shutter is man-made and has a smoother finish, which is guaranteed to last longer than shutters made from any other material.

Unlike timber, UPVC shutters are moisture-resistant. They have an outstanding temperature operating range – and will never peel, warp or flake. They are also perfectly suitable for areas where hygiene is particularly important.

Whether you choose a waterproof shutter or a solid wood shutter, the finish will be consistent with the naked eye. That’s because our advanced painting technology allows for UPVC to be finished in the same high-grade paint finish.

Our UPVC shutters are available in a wide range of colours and will include marine grade stainless steel hinges as standard (to prevent rusting).

Stile options

We have a wide range of ‘Stile’ designs, available in two widths.

    50.8mm Beaded Stile is the default option. Any changes to this stile are purely cosmetic.
    38.1mm Stile are for shutters under the height of 1500mm.
    38.1mm Beaded Stile - Centre Rod         
    38.1mm Flat Stile - Clear View
    50.8mm Astragal Beaded - Clear View
    50.8mm Beaded Stile  - Clear View

Louvre Size

The next element to consider for your shutters is the louvre size.
Paulownia and Basswood: 47, 63, 76, 89 or 114mm.
UPVC: 63, 76 or 89mm.  
All of these options are available “Clearview” or “Tilt Rod”.

Control System

Centre Tilt Rod: A traditional plantation tilt rod, which is positioned in the centre of the louvre.
Off-Set Rod: A traditional plantation tilt rod, offset 25mm from the edge of the louvres (on the hinged side of the panel).  
Clearview: A discreet aluminium profile rod, positioned on the back of the panel along the side of the louvres on the hinged side of the panel. The rod will be painted in the same colour as the shutters – but metal will be used for stained shutters.

Maximum and Minimum Shutter Sizes

The maximum height of a shutter with a 50.8mm stile is 3000mm (above 1800mm), and a mid-rail is required. Those of more than 2500mm must have 2 mid-rails. The maximum height for a shutter with a 38.1mm stile is 1500mm.


All of our shutters are available in all TS colours, as well as many custom colours.  
Paulownia Wood is available in stained finishes (but not Basswood or UPVC).
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“Lex Blinds were recommended to me and they did not disappoint! I had some print roller blinds for my kids bedroom and they look fantastic! Auris was very knowledgeable and explained everything so now I’ve placed a second order for the shutters. Girls from the office were always friendly and helpful and the fitters were very professional and tidy. Couldn’t recommend this company enough!”

28 FEB 2021 Anastassija

“Amazing service, great products and price. We had our windows done by Lex and they looks amazing. From the first visit of the surveyor to the instalation of our blinds we knew that we are in good hands and the final efect its just great. We recommend Lex Blinds and for sure will be using them in future. Thank you Lex!!!”

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"Great service. Very pleased with my shutters and blinds."

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I am extremely happy with the installation, very neat and tidy work. I will definitely use your services again and would recommend to others."

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"Fantastic Blinds, had battery and electric blinds fitted. Steven was fantastic and brilliant throughout, always answered my questions about the setup. The installation team were very professional and polite. Thank you."

18 DEC 2021 FH
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