Pricing & Payment

Here at Lex Blinds, we manufacture our blinds to order. They are costed based on the exact measurements of your home, so an estimated cost is almost impossible to give without these specifications. Request a quote online or organise a free home design consultation to get a cost tailored to your home. 

Our Price Promise means - we guarantee that we won’t be beaten on price! We promise that if you find the same blind in the same size and with the same specification and service (i.e., free home appointment, measuring, manufacturing, and installation) at a lower price, we will price match it and refund the difference! 

A deposit (which is 50% of the agreed price) shall be payable by you upon signing the Order Confirmation or on confirming your acceptance of the order. Full payment will be due upon collection or on the day of installation unless otherwise agreed with Lex Blinds in writing. 

Whether you are looking to spend a little or a lot - we will use our expertise to find the perfect window treatment for your budget, taste and lifestyle. Plus our talented, friendly and experienced designers will provide window treatment design advice at no extra cost! 

Appointments, fitting & installation

All you have to do is book an appointment - and we’ll be there within 48 hours to take all the measurements for free.

Click here to book your appointment with us now and we’ll be there within 48 hours to take all the measurements for free! We can offer a virtual with one of our expert estimators via video call or Zoom or give us a call on 0800 788 0000.

You can cancel you appointment by calling our customer services team on 0800 788 0000.

There is no cost to rearrange a fitting and the simplest way to do so is by contacting customer services team on 0800 788 0000. Just please do it more than 48 hours before a scheduled installation appointment.

You will receive a confirmation sms once you have booked your appointment, then a reminder text a couple of days before.  

Lex Blinds appointments are FREE and no cost will be added to the product when bought. 

Our design consultations can be organised six days a week, including Saturdays and any weekday evening. We work around you! 

Your blinds will be ready to be fitted two to four weeks after you placed your order. Your advisor will arrange the fitting time with you when you place your order.  

Before the fitting, please clear the window area and make sure that any existing blinds or curtains are taken down. 

FAQ about Indoor Products

We offer a range of PVC blinds in our Vertical blinds ranges. Our Wooden blinds also will not warp in damp conditions. You could also consider our waterproof shutters too.  

While we always recommend making the switch to powered blinds, we do still offer manual solutions if youd prefer. At Lex Blinds, we want to accommodate your needs and understand that manual operation is still very popular!  

Our Electric Blinds are made to measure, and can therefore be manufactured to suit any glazed area of the home. We have options for windows, patio doors, bifold doors, conservatories and orangeries. Wherever you are looking for home shading, Lex Blinds have the solution.  

We have a wide selection of blackout blinds in our Roller range including designs suitable for children's bedrooms. All our Roman blinds are available with a blackout lining, as are our curtains. Pleated blinds with special coating are available to reduce the light coming into your room.  

Yes they are. We offer a standard lining as well as a blackout lining. 

All of our wood venetians are made from high quality, lightweight and durable wood.

All of our curtains are lined and there are three lining choices including standard, thermal and blackout. 

Window shutters and blinds both offer their own unique benefits. We wouldnt say one is better than the other, but one of the two will almost certainly suit your home better than the other. We can discuss all our home shading solutions during your design consultation and advise as to which would best for your home.  

You certainly can. We can remove any old, outdated shading solutions and replace them with our stunning shutters. Whether you are looking to transform your living room, kitchen or bathroom, our made to measure shading solutions are the ideal choice.  

With our exclusive pleated system upgrade, you can enjoy up to 74% heat reflection with our made to measure pleated Blinds.  

Pleated blinds have been designed specifically with conservatories in mind. They can be tailored to fit the different shaped windows so often found in conservatory roofs and they are available in a range of performance fabrics that help to keep the temperature down in the summer months while retaining the heat once it starts to get cooler.

FAQ about Outdoor Products

External blinds - the most effective sun protection and energy efficient window treatments. We offer extremely wide selection of external blinds products from different models of awnings to sun control panels for non-standard projects. We can offer you a wide selection of constructions, colours, designs, reliable manufacturers.

External blinds mounted outside and running in front of glazing of all sizes and inclinations including sliding and folding patio doors along with roof and skylights, primary function is to stop the suns’ heat energy before it even reaches the glass, preventing unwanted solar heat gain (up to 97% heat block) to avoid overheating to the indoor space, whilst also diffusing incoming light to eliminate glare, ensuring optimum thermal and visual comfort for occupants.

External roller blinds along with being used for sun control can also be used during rain showers or to provide shelter from rain showers when installed on exposed apertures such as pergolas and verandas, as the fabric is running vertically and there is no chance of water ‘pooling’ on the material. 

FAQ about Awnings

Our products are made of waterproof material with premium coatings, so no professional maintenance or service is needed. Top-quality aluminium alloys mean that the hardware is rust-resistant. However, after the season, we suggest spraying off the dust and dirt with a hose once a year. To remove stains, use a sponge and soapy water. Make sure to use a mild mixture and a sponge that's not rough. Let it dry off before retracting the fabric.

Regarding bird mess and trees’ sap, try to remove them as soon as you notice those stains. They contain elements that might affect hardware and fade fabrics.

The most important rule is to retract house awnings when not in use. Usually, it all depends on weather conditions. Unexpected snowfall, rain or strong winds might damage the fabrics and the construction in the long term. If you aren’t going to use it during winter, brush off the dust, clean the stains, let it dry, and keep it retracted. There’s nothing to worry about – our products are designed in a way they’re self-storing in cassette casing.

In most cases, installing a sun awning doesn't require planning permission. However, you should consider your property's location and assess neighbours' boundaries so that your shading system wouldn't extend into their territory and rainwater wouldn't run off there. If you need clarification, we always recommend checking with the local authority.

Regarding location, you should check with the local authority about adjustments of buildings in AONB, conservations or historic areas. Otherwise, you probably don't need planning permission when installing the shading system on the rear of a residential property.

Initially, a waterproof fabric roof is supposed to protect you from the sun and mild rain and your outdoor furnishings from fading and moulding. You can leave your shading system if that's just occasional gusts of mild winds. However, we do not recommend doing so when there're strong winds.

If you're considering an automated option, think about the wind sensors too. Then your house awning will automatically operate according to the different wind conditions.

Each made-to-measure piece has a warranty which could be up to 5 years. If you want to buy awning of specific fabrics and materials, know the approximate size and operating system needs, contact our team, and we'll specify the warranty term.

The size of this outdoor shading system depends on many factors, from aesthetics to surrounding objects, use of outdoor space, etc. Also, as one of the primary purposes of this retractable roof is to protect the area from harmful UV rays and heat, you need to consider the patio or balcony location – the sun is constantly moving around your property (it differs depending on the season).

  • Regarding width (from outside to outside of cassette casing), you should think of a shading system around 1 meter greater than the window or door it's covering.
  • When it comes to depth, consider the use of your terrace or balcony, the number of people using the outdoor area, and outdoor furniture. However, we suggest that you shouldn't think less than 2.5 meters.

Here at Lex Blinds, we offer a free measuring appointment, so if you have questions and want more details about our custom awnings, don't hesitate to book for appointment. We'll arrange it within 48 hours after you reach out to us.

Our motorised awnings draw around 1.1amps, although at start up (activation of motor) this draw can double circa 2.2amps. The tubular motor, which is built inside the patio awning contained in the rollertube to either the left or right-hand side, has a sealed standard 3 core, (live, neutral, earth) black power cable, exiting it, which is 5m in length.

The power cable is simply fitted with a 3 or 5amp fused rated 3 pin plug and plugged into a standard socket or wired into a standard fuse spur again fitted with a 3 or 5amp fuse. Given the typical mounting height of a patio awning (around first-floor level) it is normal for the power cable to run through a sealed capped hole into the adjacent first-floor room (bedroom) and be plugged into a spare socket here.

When an awning is fitted with an infra-red heater, an additional socket or fuse spur is required to connect the heater to, which should be fused at 13amp, as the heaters draw 2kw each.

Available control solutions depend on the specific model you choose. Regarding our offered electric control mechanisms, there are a few ways you can operate your shading system:

    1) Remote Control. A remote control allows you to extend or retract the system from a distance. Extend or retract shades with a push of a button.

    2) Smartphone App. You can also use a smartphone app. The app connects to the electric awning's control unit via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, allowing you to extend or retract it remotely.

    3) Voice Control. Connect an outdoor covering with smart home systems and control it using voice commands. As mentioned, this option usually requires a smart home assistant device, such as Amazon, Apple or Google Home.

    4) Wall-Mounted Switch. Some electric mechanisms can be controlled by a wall-mounted switch usually installed somewhere around (push the buttons for extending or retracting exterior shades).

Even though it's all about the electric solution, we must still mention a manual operation option. It's handy when a chosen modern system functions, even in cases of power outages or malfunctions if they appear. If you want this option, there should be a manual override solution allowing you to control house awnings manually (typically, with a handle or similar mechanisms).

FAQ about Finance

No. We are what’s called an ‘Introducer Appointed Representative’. This means we have been appointed by an FCA registered firm (Improveasy) to introduce you to their panel of lenders. This is a regulated activity supervised by the FCA.

Applicants must be 21 or over at the time of application and younger than 85 years old on the day of the last payment of the agreement. You must be a permanent UK resident (for at least the last three years) and a home owner with a minimum income of £10,000 a year. Proof of income will be required.

You can borrow up to £25,000, but you must borrow at least £1,000 to be eligible for finance.

No. Part time employed, self-employed, retired or non-working applicants can still apply but will need to show proof of income (pension and benefit income is acceptable if it meets the lender’s criteria and is more than £10,000 a year).

The application takes around 15 – 20 minutes.

You will receive an instant ‘accept’ or ‘decline’ from the lender once your online application is submitted. If the decision is borderline, it may be referred to an underwriter for further review. In this instance, it may take twenty minutes to make further checks. Note however that underwriter checks are only made 9am-6pm Monday to Friday, so if you apply outside these hours, you may need to wait to the following working day for a final decision.

No. Finance provided by Improveasy is not secured against property or assets and is classed as ‘unsecured personal finance’. The details of this will be clearly outlined on your consumer credit agreement.

Yes. Shortly after your product installation, the lender will write to you. You can contact them directly after this date to change you monthly direct debit payment date.

You can contact Improveasy directly and speak with one of their advisers: 0800 0248505, or alternatively you can email in any queries to Finance@Improveasy.com Their opening hours are 9am-5:30pm Monday to Friday.

FAQ about Fly Screens

Modern Lex Blinds products are designed to allow light to pass through while keeping insects and dust, or pollen out of your home. Denser fabrics may slightly reduce the amount of light that enters a room. Yet some materials and designs may be more effective at allowing the light in. For instance, ‘invisible’ carbon fibre nets are hard to notice looking from the inside out.

Our innovative nets from insects are typically mounted outdoors (on the window or door frames, walls and openings niches). So, yes, it is possible to install nets with blinds, shutters, and curtains. Yet, if you have exterior blinds or other outdoor mounted solutions, you should discuss installation possibilities with specialists.

It depends on the system and the type of screen you choose. If you have the needed knowledge, you can do it with simple tools following the instructions. However, you might want professionals to do it if that’s a large, more complex retractable shield or hard-to-reach windows or doors.

The same applies to the measuring process – if the screen is of simple structure and there’s no need for an advanced control mechanism, you can easily do that yourself. Otherwise, it’s better to leave this work for specialists (especially when our highly skilled team can do it for free and within 48 hours after contacting us).

The maintenance of our products is easy. You just need to follow simple steps and recommendations not to damage the fabrics. Each product comes with care and cleaning instructions. These are a few easy steps for maintaining static and retractable nets clean:

  • Use a soft brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner to remove any built-up dirt.
  • Slightly dampen a microfiber cloth with water and gently wipe down the screen (starting from the top).
  • Use a dry microfiber cloth to remove any excess moisture and let it dry (if it’s a retractable net, don’t roll the fabric into the cassette).
If you have magnetic fly screens, you can easily remove them. We advise doing that before the cold season. Vacuum a removable fly screen, clean it with a dampened sponge and leave it to dry on a clean surface.

Most of the time, we find solutions even for non-standard and large windows and doors. However, you might have to consider specific installation methods and types of bug screens. For instance, a magnetic aluminium fly screen frame in such cases might not be suitable; meanwhile, an automated made-to-measure insect roller blind could be adapted for more non-standard openings.

Many factors determine a net type and mounting options, not only door or window frame size but also the material it’s made of – for instance, fly screens for UPVC doors will differ from the ones suitable for wooden frames.

FAQ about Perfect Fit Blinds

Mostly, it depends on the specific sliding door system and the size and shape of the door. Regarding the system, if that's a door that tilts away and then slides, you will most likely be able to fit this shading system. However, if the door slides across, there would probably be insufficient space for the shade's frame, which sits around 1 cm proud of the door. It's best to consult with our professionals to determine the best type of window treatment for your sliding door system.

They are commonly used on UPVC windows and door frames. However, you can enjoy this solution regardless of the material, as long as windows or doors have a rubber seal between the frame and the glass so the adapter brackets can be fitted (for instance, most wooden windows simply do not have it). Mostly, it depends on the depth of the frame, the availability of the necessary adapter brackets, and whether the structure is solid enough to hold the shading system frame.

Yes, it's easy to install and can be done without drilling or screws. Shades simply clip into place within the window frame, making the process quick and hassle-free. On the other hand, it's essential to do it right so there would be no gaps around the frame, and you could enjoy perfect sun glare control and improved insulation. If you have doubts, it's best to leave the mounting part for professionals.

These will require a little maintenance – you will have to clean them occasionally to keep them in their initial shape and looks. If you have Venetian-style shades, we recommend an anti-static duster (feather duster) to remove the dust from the slats. Regarding pleated or roller systems – a slightly damp cloth (light detergents only) will clean dust and dirt easily. Ensure proper ventilation afterwards to let the fabrics dry naturally.

FAQ about Pergolas

A louvered roof weighs typically between 400-500kg per structure dependent on final size and specification. This load is spread evenly over the post uprights, creating a load per post of around 100-125kg and therefore it is possible to install a louvered roof on all ground types, with little or even no groundworks.

For an existing patio, subject to the patio being in good condition with the patio intact, solid and no cracks in the slabs/tiles, the louvered roof can sit directly on top of the patio, with the posts attached down to the patio slab/tile through concealed base plates using resin bonded anchors (threaded steel rods), which provide a stress-free anchorage which is usually stronger than the base material itself. Commonly used for the anchoring of structural steel such as columns, beams, safety barriers and railings, resin bonded anchors provide a premium anchoring solution with maximum load capabilities, with the fixings never coming loose as they have formed a stress-free bond.

This is the same fixing method we use for attaching lean-to louvered roofs (with no rear posts) to façades along with patio awnings to facades that create much higher loads (stresses and strains) due to their cantilever effect.

Where the ground surface is not solid including timber decking and grass a small concrete pad is required beneath each post, which depending on the ground surface will typically be 400-500mm square x min 150mm high (thick), with the post uprights attached to these concrete pads using the same resin bonded anchor method details above.

Modern shading systems only require a little maintenance, but to keep them looking and functioning their best, you must take care of them occasionally. Cleaning and subtleties of other care processes depend on the materials and mechanism of a shade. For instance, a wooden one would require more attention than an aluminium pergola. Also, it’s wise to check instructions on how to take care of retractable roofs during winter.

For regular cleaning, use soapy water and a low-pressure hose. If trees are around, clean the mechanisms periodically to remove plant debris and tree sap. Regarding coating – if that's fabric, remove the stains that can affect it as soon as possible (especially tree sap and birds' mess). If you have a louvered roof, soapy water works just fine, but you can also use a degreaser to remove persistent stains.

In most cases, especially if it's your own house and you have enough space, it doesn't require planning permission. You should consider your property's location and assess neighbours' boundaries. In some areas, a permit may be required for any structure attached to a house or exceeding a specific size (e.g., conservations or historical sites). It also depends on your local building codes and regulations.

If you need clarification, check with your local authority or building department before starting any outdoor construction project.

The final cost varies depending on a chosen shading system size, design, and operating mechanism. A small, fixed roof shade will naturally cost less than an elaborate design and high-end materials construction with a retractable roof and remote-control option. As we offer custom products, we can discuss not only preferred product size, design and functions but also the best options you can get for the available budget. At Lex Blinds, garden pergolas (UK) start from £6,100 inc. Vat.

Yes, for an extra fee, our professionals can install your chosen fixed or retractable garden pergola. Price depends on the system's complexity and location. When you buy pergola at Lex Blinds and plan to install it yourself, we recommend discussing installation subtleties and questions with our professionals to install it correctly and safely. Also, strictly follow the product installation instructions provided.

FAQ about Outdoor Venetian Blinds

Several factors determine the final price. Still, the main ones are dimensions, materials, design and control mechanism. To objectively assess the price, contact our team, and we will provide you exact or estimated cost according to your needs.

We highly recommend choosing high-quality materials and innovative control mechanisms as it's a long-term investment. Even by opting for a high-quality and functional product, we can help you to save some money. For instance, there's no extra fee for our measuring and fitting appointment and offered warranty will let you avoid unexpected expenses for up to 5 years.

As today's innovative outdoor shading systems are compatible with smart home systems, there are more operating options than remote control devices or wall-mounted switches. Apart from those options, you can connect your shading system's control unit to a smartphone app (via Wi-fi or Bluetooth). Another way is voice control – you'll need one of the smart home assistants’ devices (e.g., Amazon, Apple, Google Home, etc.).

These outdoor-mounted shades are designed to withstand different weather conditions despite the season – from moderate to strong winds from intense sun to rain. Naturally, it all depends on the product quality, chosen installation method, size of the shading system, and specific wind conditions. If you have any doubts, it's wise to consult with our specialists.

While it is technically possible, we recommend discussing the process with professional installers or leaving this work for them for several reasons, especially for those without any previous experience in similar tasks. While expertise is essential to ensure high quality, there are more factors to consider. For example:

  • You will need specific tools and equipment to install the shading system precisely and ensure insulation. Without appropriate tools, it would be challenging.
  • Consider safety measures, as mounting Venetian blinds on outside of window or doors typically mean working at heights (especially with such shading systems). So, not only will you need appropriate tools, but to feel comfortable working on ladders or scaffolding considering safety measures.
  • Warranty that may be contingent on professional installation. Specialists ensure that you meet the manufacturer's requirements and maintain the validity of the warranty.
So, while installing the shading system yourself could be an option, it's always wise to critically assess your skills, needed tools and safety measures. Also, the warranty depends on the correct and flawless installation too.

FAQ about Blackout Blinds

It all depends on the blind type you're after, also – the shape and size of your windows, chosen control mechanism, fabrics, etc.

If you would like to know specific pricing regarding your windows or doors, don't hesitate to get in touch with us; our specialists will provide more accurate information regarding your needs and pricing.

While such window treatments are designed to reduce the amount of light entering a room significantly, it's important to note that they may not achieve 100% darkness. Depending on the type of chosen window treatments, some minimal light leakage may occur around the edges or through small gaps.
Still, considering the window treatment options in the market, there’s a reason this technology is called one of the most efficient ways to block the sunlight and create a desired atmosphere – darkened environment for sleep, screen viewing, etc.

Absolutely. They are available in various styles – from roller ones to vertical ones and more. Different types of such window treatments cover different forms and sizes of windows (e.g., skylight darkening shades). If you have doubts about window sizes or shapes, let's discuss the possibilities of made-to-measure covers, whether you have standard or non-standard windows.

Yes, some specialised materials have thermal insulation properties. Meaning during the warm season, they allow you to save on air conditioning and during the cold season – they help to keep the warmth indoors (our products help to reduce heating costs by up to 24%). Also, regarding noise insulation, thick, dense fabrics can absorb and dampen external noises.

While high-quality manually operated window covers provide the same light and temperature control benefits, electric ones do have additional perks:

  • You can control shades with a touch of a button or even a voice command (if you have a smart home system).
  • It’s easy to operate covers, especially for larger windows or ones that are hard to reach.
  • You can control your window treatments at home or away.
  • In some cases, it's also possible to integrate solar sensors that allow you to create even more resource-efficient spaces.

So, even if relatively cheap blackout blinds controlled manually can save you some money now, automated ones might help you save more money in the long run.

An electric blackout window cover may require professional installation and access to a power source. Therefore, discussing the options and possibilities with our specialists might be the fastest way to know real options.

FAQ about Verandas

We can offer different options regarding the size of the initial construction. Depending on your chosen option:

  • Width varies (mm): 4060/5060/6060/7060 or a multiple thereof.
  • Depth varies (mm): 2500/3000/3500/4000/6000.

While the depth options are more standard, you can extend the width of your chosen outdoor living area construction according to your needs. There’s a possibility to have all dimensions customised.

We offer high-quality, weather-resistant aluminium that stands out because of its durability and low maintenance requirements.

Yes, glass sliding doors can often be upgraded or replaced, depending on the design you choose when you buy veranda. Also, you can upgrade an initial construction with other accessories.

Yes, Lex Blinds offers veranda with sliding roof. Automated solutions make your outdoor living space even more functional and resource-efficient.

Lex Blinds offers products designed to withstand various weather conditions, offering shelter from rain and wind. Possibilities of using the outdoor oasis in different seasons greatly depend on additional solutions – protection from wind, rain or heat. It’s worth considering specific window treatments and heaters.

Innovative materials can withstand various weather conditions without their quality being affected. While there’s no need to prepare glass structures for the cold season, investing in high-quality window treatments can benefit energy efficiency and comfort all year round.

For instance, our thermal curtains or waterproof outdoor blinds can provide extra insulation and reduce heat loss through the glass in late autumn and winter. In summer, heat-protective window treatments can help you maintain optimal temperature.

Maintenance of such construction and its accessories requires minimal effort. There are a few essential steps we recommend:

  • Regularly clean the glass doors and aluminium frames (glass cleaner for doors and soapy water for the construction will do).
  • Periodically inspect the structure for any damages or loose fittings. If you have a sliding glass door, don’t forget to check the sealants around the glass for any wear. Reseal if necessary.
After some time, it’s wise to have professionals inspect the construction and its upgrades – they will ensure smooth operation of sliding door tracks and, in general, ensure that your construction is in good condition and has no damages or loose fittings.

While there are no strict limitations on the installation time, you might want to consider the installation process during milder weather seasons like spring or early autumn. The weather is generally more predictable and conducive for outdoor construction work. Contact us to discuss your needs, and our specialists will advise you on a more suitable time to start the installation.

FAQ about Outdoor Electric Blinds

Yes. Our remote-control outdoor shades are designed to withstand external elements throughout the year. Waterproof, UV and heat-protective materials are durable, and the mechanisms are well-thought-out to last for years. Durable materials require minimal maintenance, so you won’t have to worry about harsh weather conditions or exceptional product care.

The price of outdoor electric shades mostly depends on the chosen product, then mostly on:

  • Size and dimensions
  • Chosen materials
  • Chosen control mechanisms

Naturally, remote controls are generally less expensive, whereas integration with smart home devices will increase the price. The same applies to non-standard dimensions and more complex installation processes – the more effort is needed to make the customised product and install it perfectly, the more the final solution costs.

Any customisation and additional electric outdoor window blinds features should be taken into account as well (for instance, wind or solar sensors, timers, etc.). Considering the price, assess the product's benefits in the long run. While enhanced energy-saving features may be priced higher, they’ll help you create a more resource-efficient home and save on energy bills in the long run.

The installation process depends on your chosen blinds or shading system option. Most of our products are easy to install; however, if you opt for more complex systems, have hard-to-reach windows or doubt your skills, it’s better to entrust this process to our professionals. Poor installation can lead to poorer outdoor electric window shades’ functionality and sometimes even a lack of security.

FAQ about Curtains

The main task of energy-efficient drapes is to help you reduce energy consumption and maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. Your task is to assess the fabrics (usually heavier ones) and operation mechanism subtleties.

Some of the key aspects to maximise energy efficiency:

  • Thermal Insulation: Look for window treatments made with special fabrics or linings that help prevent heat from escaping during winter and keep cool air inside during summer. Such hangings usually come in multiple layers, which enhance their insulation properties.
  • Light Blocking: Specific fabrics effectively block the sun’s glare and reduce heat gain. Usually, such fabrics have a reflective layer that deflects sunlight in the summer (and bounces back indoor heat during winter).
  • Heavy Materials: Energy-efficient draperies are usually of more dense fabrics like velvet or suede. While there are special technologies considered, heavier fabrics naturally have better insulating properties.
  • Motorised Operation System: Motorised window treatments are game-changers regarding comfort and energy efficiency.
  • Smart Home Integration: Connect your motorised draperies to your home automation system for seamless operation alongside other smart devices.

Remote control, timed schedules, and sunlight sensors are things you might want to consider as well. Automate your window coverings to adjust based on sunlight intensity. Set your draperies to open and close at specific times for natural waking, energy saving, and possibly even enhanced security while away.

At Lex Blinds made to measure curtains shop, you can choose custom measurements according to your windows' shapes and sizes. The main factors to consider when measuring your window coverings are:

  1. Window Dimensions: Measure the width and height of your window. For width, measure from one side of the frame to the other (add a few inches on each side to allow fabrics to cover the window fully when closed). For height, decide whether you want a fabric to fall just below the sill to the floor or extra-long curtains to pool slightly on the ground.
  2. Curtain Fullness: Consider how full you want your draperies to be. A standard rule is to use 2 to 2.5 times the window width fabric to achieve a nice gather and drape when you draw the window dressings.
  3. Hanging Method: Remember that your choice of curtain rod and how high above the window it will be placed can affect the length of your drapes. Want to give the room a sense of height? Then, ideally, rods should be hung 4 to 6 inches above the window frame.
  4. Curtain Type: The style of curtain you choose (e.g., eyelet, pencil pleat, pinch pleat) can influence how you measure, as some headings require more fabric or different placement.
  5. Functionality: Consider the purpose of your window treatments. Are they purely decorative, or do you need them to block light or provide insulation? This will impact the type of fabric you select, possibly the lining, and even the size.
As measuring the curtains is included in the final curtain price, you can entrust this precision work to our specialists.

First and foremost, consider the purpose of the room and what ambience you want to create there. Assess the main factors: light control, level of privacy and maybe some special conditions (e.g., humidity in the kitchen zone). Regarding functionality, think of the operating mechanism that would be comfortable for you (whether manual or automated). For large, non-standard, hard-to-reach windows or if you want integration with smart home systems, motorised mechanisms are worth an investment.

Then, when you know the main qualities and functions you need, selecting fabrics that meet your needs and expectations will be more straightforward. Only then consider design subtleties – texture, patterns, colour palette, etc.

If you want a versatile option that creates light-filled spaces but still allows you to block light at night, we highly recommend considering window treatment layers.

FAQ about Pleated Blinds

Yes, any option can indeed be cordless. This design feature enhances safety by eliminating the risks associated with cords, making them an excellent choice for households with children and pets.

Yes, our specialists can advise you on manual and motorised operation mechanisms. The main perk of electric shades is that you can integrate them with your smart home system. It enables you to control your window coverings with a smartphone app or voice commands, thereby providing the comfort of a remote control.

It’s a perfect choice to cover patio doors. Plissé shades offer a versatile and sleek option for covering larger doorways, providing both privacy and light control.    As patio glass doors are typically wider, made-to-measure plissé shades are an efficient way to improve insulation.

Opting for moisture-resistant materials ensures durability in the humid bathroom environment. Also, finding the perfect light and privacy balance is quite a challenge in bathrooms, so a bottom-up pleated blind is an excellent solution.

FAQ about PVC Vertical Blinds

Such window treatments are incredibly versatile (regarding functionality and designs) and can be installed in virtually any room of your home or office. They are particularly suitable for spaces that require easy maintenance and precise light control.

Our products are custom-made to fit a wide range of window and door sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for most openings. Some challenges might arise, particularly regarding small, non-standard windows and openings that feature obstructions such as unconventional handles or significant recesses. Despite that, we are ready to find efficient custom solutions.

Not only can they be motorised, but we also highly recommend it. This takes natural light and privacy control to another level, not to mention automation and easier optimal temperature maintenance. Our products can work perfectly with most of the leading smart home systems (e.g., Amazon, Apple, Google products).

Motorised solutions and automation offer so much comfort, especially if you're looking to cover large openings. Therefore, most of our vinyl vertical blinds for patio door or large office windows are usually motorised.

FAQ about Vertical Blinds

Further down this page, you will find a preliminary price calculator, where you can get a price estimate by entering the basic information. The critical criteria that determine the final vertical blind cost are the following:

  • Material
  • Size of the coverings
  • Complexity of design
  • Type of control mechanism
  • Installation requirements

It's best to always discuss pricing and individual solutions with our team. Many other factors, such as the quantity purchased, can influence the final price.

Remember that even relatively cheap made-to-measure vertical blinds for doors and windows can combine style and functionality. Therefore, when looking for an affordable solution, don't compromise on either.

Any type of our luxurious or so-called cheap vertical blind (made-to-measure) can usually be customised to meet the measurement specifics you need. As we make window treatments specifically for you, we'll find a solution according to the measurements you provide.

In most cases, yes. Not only can they be motorised, but if that's a possibility, we highly advise doing so to increase comfort and energy efficiency.

FAQ about Day & Night Blinds

The cost of custom day and night blinds varies based on size, fabric choice, and additional features. Contact us for a personalised quote tailored to your specific needs and preferences. On our website, you can choose the fabric you like, fill out a brief form, and get a price estimate.

By the way, we won't charge extra for measuring and fitting – they're included.

Zebra day and night roller blinds are versatile and can be practically fitted in any room, including living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and offices, as well as on doors and windows of various sizes. We’re ready to find a day and night roller blind for every window or door in different rooms. 

Regarding spaces where specific conditions need to be taken into account, for instance, kitchen or bathroom, we offer special materials (e.g., waterproof, dust-resistant, etc.).

These zebra roller shades can be custom-made to fit practically any window or door size. Provide measurements, and we'll create blinds that match your specifications. Otherwise, if, in rare cases, day-night shades for windows aren't an option, our specialists will provide you with other solutions perfect for your situation.

Yes, your chosen day and night roller blind can likely be motorised. Motorised solutions offer seamless integration with leading smart home systems for convenient and effortless operation. In fact, if possible, we highly recommend integrating zebra window shades with smart home systems. Automation means a few things—more comfort for you and a chance to create a more energy-efficient home.

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