Curtains is a classic choice for window décor, ensuring comfort and protection against the glances of people passing by. Standard roller blinds became an alternative to curtains a long time ago, however, these window blinds lack versatility in adapting to the night and day environment. Day & Night blinds offer a better solution.

You’ll understand exactly why Day & Night blinds are what you’re looking for when you read about their most important qualities and advantages!

Double sun light control

Due to its exceptional design Day & Night blinds are becoming one of the most popular choices from our blinds’ range. Its unique mechanism helps to easily control the double layered fabric that contains horizontal sheer stripes and also thicker opaque stripes. The mechanism allows you to control the position of the stripes so that if the sheer stripes match, the light comes through; otherwise the opaque stripe will stop the light coming through. Furthermore, the blind can be lifted all the way up, which will allow the maximum amount of light in.

Privacy guaranteed

Day & Night blinds are a preferred choice for those who enjoy the privacy at home, work or elsewhere. A lack of privacy is a common problem for those living on the ground floor when windows overlook the street or face the windows of another building. The opaque Day & Night blinds stripes will guarantee your privacy by blocking the light and the passers by.

Day & Night blinds installation

Day & Night blinds can be fitted inside or outside the recess or fixed to a window frame. Standard roller blind mechanism can be used or the fabric can be rolled up inside a special cassette.

Control options including the wireless system and smart house system

We offer wireless and wired control solutions, both offer either a wall switch control or a remote control. The blinds can also be controlled using the smart house system, your IPad, smart phone and voice control (for example Amazon’s Alexa device).

Compliments any interior

The Day & Night fabric range offered by Lex Blinds is exceptionally diverse. The combination of various colours and stripes of different width can create an impeccable double act. You can choose from simple patterns and colours to luxurious fabrics and even your chosen image printed on it. These types of roller blinds will compliment any interior. Each year new fabric designs are introduced and Lex Blinds are happy to offer a new luxurious Day & Night fabric collection.

The specialists at Lex Blinds are always delighted to provide you with more information in you require and to visit you at home to offer you the best solution. After the chosen product is installed, our specialists will also advise you on how to use and maintain your purchase and answer any questions you might have.

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