Pantone’s colour of the year announcement is one of the most anticipated events in the design industry. Pantone‘s choice for 2019 is Living Coral - a beautiful shade introduced as lighthearted, relaxing, cosy and warming. Last year‘s Ultra Violet was non-traditional, inventive and imaginative - while this year’s colour is all about life-affirming optimism, and joy. So, let’s take a look at how to incorporate this trendy colour into your interior!

Why choose Living Coral for your home?

Even though Living Coral is described as calming and relaxing - it is also vivid and vibrant. This combination of qualities makes it an appealing choice for home interior. It is both universal and rather unique, which means it can become the primary colour in a room without coming off too strong - or be used as an accent colour.

According to the Pantone Colour Institute, this colour was chosen to help make our daily surroundings more optimistic and natural. Living Coral is positive, carefree, and lighthearted. It represents interpersonal relationships and the feeling of hope. Curtains or roller blinds in this colour will create a cosy, warm and welcoming atmosphere in a home while making sure your window treatments are on-trend!

How can Living Coral be applied to window treatments?

The easiest way to create a cosy living space is by subtly matching the details in your home, including window coverings. Window decoration is a key element of an interior because it can help visually widen the space - as well as fill it with emotion. That’s right, window coverings are not just for keeping out the stares of nosy passers-by!

Want to bring more of this joyful colour into your home? Here’s some expert advice on how to do it well:

  • Make your window treatments an accent piece that livens up your home. Roller blinds, curtains, roller shutters or other window coverings can be used to tie a room together. Make sure there is more than one piece in the same coral tone, for example – pillow cases, bed covers, rugs or lamps.
  • Combine it with other colours for a playful look. Living Coral goes particularly well with white, pale gray, deep blue, white coffee, milk chocolate, bluish green, and forest tones. Combining it with other shades will create a unique and playful effect.
  • Bring in different textures. If you want to create a strong, sophisticated look, choose matte or muted tones. If your interior needs a touch of cosiness and warmth, choose stronger, brighter coral tones. If you want to invite more tranquility into your home, choose softer pastel tones which create a sense of calm and simplicity.

Roller blinds, curtains or any other window treatments are a great way to infuse your home with the trendiest colour of the year. It is important to decide on the effect which you would like to create in each room - and incorporate details that tastefully bring it together. And if you need help with interior decisions, our dedicated and talented team of consultants will help you find the most suitable option. Bringing this charming colour into your interior with our quality window treatments will instantly fill your home with cosiness and comfort.

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