At Lex Blinds, we never shy away from challenging projects. Our clients have high expectations - and our team of experts always strive to not only meet them but to exceed them.

A recent window treatment project at The Shard is the perfect example of that. We were hired to add contemporary, premium quality and unique window cover that creates a stunning architectural effect, as well as provides effective shading from the sun.

Due to the bespoke nature of the project, we had to think outside the box and search for the most suitable solution beyond the ordinary. That’s how we made an unconventional decision - to use façade roller blinds in an indoor environment.

Façade blinds provided the perfect cover and were ideally suitable for such a unique indoor space. We adapted and installed 5 metres long façade roller blinds automated with Somfy, to provide solar shading as well as add an aesthetically pleasing detail. The work was carried out 30 feet above the ground - quite an unusual height for us!

The client was particularly happy with the outcome, and we were delighted that we were chosen to implement this unique project.