Unleash your creativity - and explore unlimited possibilities with Lex Blinds!

Are you after an authentic and unusual window treatment? Would you like a unique product that becomes an accent in your interior, offers unparalleled functionality, and uncovers - as well as highlights - your individuality? Lex Blinds photo roller blinds are exactly what you’re looking for!

We have eighteen beautiful, unique collections with superb photos - from invigorating, scented flowers, pretty stones, fluttering butterflies, teenage dreams, and inspiring kitchen photos - to a comforting wood touch!

Discover over a thousand innovative patterns carefully selected by Lex Blinds experts, which are ideal for creating unique windows that turn others green with envy. This is your chance to unleash your creativity - and create a one-of-a-kind, exclusive design window covering.

An extensive range of pattern for all tastes

Interior design decisions are often based on a particular theme, style or colour combinations. To make the process of finding suitable roller blinds easier and smoother, Lex Blinds designers created eighteen collections of unique, beautiful patterns designed to perfectly complement each individual space in your home - from your bedroom to the kitchen.

Within these collections you’ll find an extensive range of patterns specifically designed for living rooms and bedrooms; plenty of options for your little one’s room - as well as designs even picky teenagers will love! Love cooking? Why not decorate your windows with inspiring blinds specifically designed for your kitchen! Do you miss nature? Why not hide the dull view of skyscrapers with fabulous, picturesque nature scenes on your roller blinds! And those looking for something special for their bathroom will find plenty of options that help create your own tranquil oasis.

There are no limitations - and even those with the wildest imagination will find something they love! All our photo roller blinds can be adapted to modern, classical, minimalistic or any other interior. All you need to do is use your imagination - and you can create an incredibly unique interior in your home.

Innovative technology and precision manufacturing

To produce Lex Blinds photo roller blinds, we use innovative technology that transforms window treatments into a work of art. It’s important to note that we don’t just transfer a pattern or your chosen photograph onto the fabric. The process is a lot more subtle and requires utmost precision.

The technology we use allows for the colour to be evenly distributed, and permanently sealed in the fabric. The six print heads have 12,672 nozzles to ensure exceptional print quality and durability, and the optimiser quickly seals the paint pigment on the fabric.

And now - what image will you choose for your photo roller blinds? If you can’t find something you particularly like in our extensive range of patterns and pictures, you're welcome to use your favourite photos that'll add even more of a personal touch to your home!

Fragments of landscapes, your children’s drawings or even memorable holiday snaps - you can turn any of these into unique photo roller blinds! Want to proudly display a poem you love - or a meaningful quote? Anything is possible! All you need to do is supply a high-quality image - and we’ll do the rest!

If you’re looking for inspiration or advice about window treatments, visit our beautiful showroom or call 0800 788 0000 to request a free appointment.

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