Another year is coming to an end - and the festive season is just around the corner! Soon, we’ll be busy looking for last minute presents and preparing our table for the most important dinner of the year.

That said, we’re sure you’ll agree that Christmas can also be a very stressful time. Luckily, you can avoid it becoming too stressful by creating a cosy, warm, playful and welcoming atmosphere in your home.

How? It’s simple: with the help of new night curtains, roman blinds, or roller blinds!

Focus your decorative efforts on your windows

Windows are that unique element of your interior that will always attract attention. They let the natural light flood in - and allow your indoor plants to flourish. So, don’t neglect your windows this festive season - but transform them into the centre of attention!

To help you do that, we have listed the most popular Christmas decor ideas - as well as the new festive trends this year has brought.

A stickler for tradition? You’ll love these Christmas decorating trends

If you’re someone who loves classical interior design and hopes to re-create your childhood Christmas using traditional Christmas decorations, nothing will stop you from keeping traditions this year! May we remind you that colours like gold, red, green and white and their combinations, are the staple of this traditional, festive decor.

If you wish to add these colours to your windows, then you’ll love our night curtains. We recommend choosing soft and soothing colours for the bedroom - and avoid colors like bright red or green. In bedrooms, kitchens - and even glass terraces or balconies, you can’t go wrong with elegant roman blinds or charming pleated blinds!

If you’re looking for additional decor elements, choose natural spruce wreaths, Christmas tree decorations, or twinkly lights. The lights can be carefully hung on the night curtains, roman blinds - or around the window.

This year, it’s all about the subtle accents

Each year, Christmas decor is renewed with trendy and modern interior details. Which is why choosing trendy window treatments is a practical decision. After all, you can enjoy your new stylish window treatments all year round! And even though each year brings new interior design trends to the spotlight, trends usually don’t change radically. This means that you’ll be able to admire your new stylish window treatments even longer.

So, whether you decide to go for the traditional Christmas decor or something a little more contemporary - our night curtains will help you bring your festive decorations to life. They’re not only a functional and practical window treatment - but, with a dash of creativity, can become the centre of all (festive) attention!

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