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PVC Vertical Blinds

PVC (vinyl) vertical blinds are the latest expression of contemporary design in home interiors. They are highly practical, require little maintenance and offer exceptional comfort - making them the ideal solution for clients who would like to spend less time on housework.
Lecluyse are PVC vertical blinds manufactured in an ultra-modern and green extrusion plant. The blinds are ideal for large windows and sliding doors. With their distinctive features, they provide a universal window treatment solution.
At Lex Blinds, we are always expanding our product range by adding the most modern, practical and premium quality window treatments that satisfy our clients’ needs - and provide ideal window covering solutions for their homes.

Child safetyChild safety
Easy to cleanEasy to clean
Suitable for conservatoriesSuitable for conservatories
Can be automated Can be automated
Works with Amazon EchoWorks with Amazon Echo
Made in the UKMade in the UK
Available in aluminiumAvailable in aluminium

Colours and design

  • Made from PVC (vinyl). PVC is a synthetic material with advanced resistance features, such as low flammability and resistance to UV rays. PVC isn’t only a high-quality material but is also an economical and eco-friendly product. All used products can be recycled;
  • The blinds have anti-static qualities and don’t collect dust and lint - meaning they are easy to keep clean and require less maintenance;
  • The smooth PVC surface makes it easy to clean the blinds - simply wipe them with a damp cloth;
  • The material composition will help maintain optimal temperature in the premises: keeping the heat out in the summer, and in during the winter months;
  • Synthetic blind slats don’t require any weights, intricate chains or reinforcement tabs, because their weight is enough to keep the blind in a vertical position;
  • Flame resistant;
  • Effective heat retention (by more than 80%);
  • Highly reflective (by more than 80%);
  • The colours are sun and UV-resistant (i.e., won’t fade);
  • Great anti-static qualities;
  • Easy to clean/ wash ;
  • High-quality PVC (vinyl);
  • Recyclable.

Technical details


89 mm (±1);

Maximum length



Up to 120 grams per metre;

Light blocking

100% (except transparent slats);

Operating mechanisms

Bottom chain isn’t required;




2 year


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