Bambero Red

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Bambero Anthracite Grey Bambero Anthracite Grey
Bambero Bright Red Bambero Bright Red
Bambero Light Brown Bambero Light Brown
Bambero Patterned Light Grey Bambero Patterned Light Grey
Bambero Black Bambero Black
Bambero Patterned Yellow Bambero Patterned Yellow
Bambero Yellow Bambero Yellow
Bambero Red Bambero Red
Bambero Brown Bambero Brown
Bambero Green Bambero Green
Bambero Blue Bambero Blue
Bambero Patterned Cozy Grey Bambero Patterned Cozy Grey
Bambero Patterned Light Cream Bambero Patterned Light Cream
Bambero Classic Cream Bambero Classic Cream
Bambero Classic Grey Bambero Classic Grey
Bambero Patterned Cream Bambero Patterned Cream
Bambero Cream Bambero Cream
Bambero Grey Bambero Grey
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Child safety


We all know that our children are relentless explorers. They are always on the lookout for exciting adventures and new senses to discover - even in their own home.

But such innocent curiosity can sometimes be dangerous - and even fatal. Young children can be strangled quickly and quietly by looped cords with carers unaware of what is happening.

Lex Blinds is a proud supporter of the “Make it Safe” campaign, which aims to raise awareness of the potential dangers of looped cords among families with small children.

We ensure that all our curtains and blinds meet the European Standard (BS EN 13120), which strengthens the child safety elements. It is our job to ensure that the childhood of the little people in your house is safe and happy.

Our clients also get an additional child safety device - a “Safe Child” chain holder clip, which can be used with all our manufactured products with chains.

The chain holder is attached to the window frame or the adjacent wall, this way making sure your little one can’t get tangled up. It’s an exceptionally safe and reliable way to protect your children from the risk loose blind cords pose.

The chain holder is also an aesthetically pleasing device, guaranteed to match any window.

Motorised Blinds

And if you would like to completely eliminate blind cords from your and your loved ones’ lives, then motorised blinds are the perfect solution.

Lex Blinds works to protect the safety and wellbeing of your little ones.

Up to a 5-year

We provide up to a 5-year guarantee and aftercare service. If a product malfunctions due to manufacturing or fitting errors, we will replace it - no questions asked! Also, we provide post guarantee for all our products - so you don’t have to worry about them getting lost or damaged on the way to you. More information.


We offer free measuring service for every window in your home. We’ll be there within 48 hours! Also, our skilled and expertly trained fitters will install our quality products with millimetre precision. More information.


You are always welcome to visit our beautiful showroom. Come to our showroom and browse our entire range all under one roof. LEX BLINDS professional and experienced team will help you find inspiration for your window treatments and make everything come to life in your lovely home! More information.

What Our Customers Say

Summer Essentials, or 5 Reasons to Consider Awnings

Summer Essentials, or 5 Reasons to Consider Awnings

The best part of the warm season is early morning coffee on the balcony, weekend barbecues, and slow dinners on the terrace. Every bit of the fresh air counts. If you want to enjoy summer treats to their fullest, without worrying about the weather, we must say – awnings are game-changers. In fact, they’re not only about protection from rain or UV rays. They might be the missing detail of a complete exterior picture. So, whether you’re after decorating and protecting a patio, balcony, or terrace, here are 5 reasons to consider modern awnings.

1. UV & Rain Protection

There’s no doubt – a modern home is a combination of functionality and style. When it comes to adding more smart functions to your place, more precisely, spaces outdoors (balconies, patios, terraces), awnings are a must-have. There are two essential perks to start with:

    a) Efficient protection...


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