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Having a beautiful terrace or garden is a fantastic way to extend the space of your home - which is why we’re not surprised that it’s becoming increasingly popular among homeowners. Stylish awnings are a modern exterior detail, which will instantly add warmth and shelter to your terrace, transforming it into a cosy and comfortable space you don’t want to leave. It isn’t only a stylish detail - but also a practical decision. An awning doesn’t occupy much space and will work like magic in protecting you from rain as well as harmful UV rays. We have plenty of different awning styles for you to choose from (e.g., traditional, basket, etc.) - as well as a full range of colours to suit any exterior. Our awnings are made from waterproof fabric - so your garden or terrace can stay puddle-free. For your comfort, the awnings can be controlled manually or electronically.


Pergola - a product that combines quality, aesthetics, and functionality. It’ll decorate any home exterior, and add a touch of charm to your outside spaces. We are proud to offer different variations of stationary summerhouses, which can be attached to your house or built separately. Our pergolas are built using advanced technologies such as unique wind and sun resistant fabrics, and rainwater drainage systems. If you wish to extend your outdoor season and create a separate space - we can cover its sides with partitions or façade roller blinds.

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