Door screens

Door Screens

Effective protection from insects and pollen.

Durable Durable
Child safety Child safety
Easy to clean Easy to clean
Made in the UK Made in the UK

Colours and design

  • Easily installed onto the door frame; 
  • The screens come in white and black as standard. However, upon request we can paint the screen any colour included in the RAL colour list with powder coating;
  • There are 5 fabric options for the screen: standard grey, anti-pollen, Zebra, ‘invisible’ and aluminium;
  • The anti-pollen screen is thicker than a standard screen and has been specially designed for people who suffer from allergies and hay-fever. It allows ventilation while protecting your home not only from insects but unwanted pollen too;
  • ‘Invisible’ screens are made of carbon fiber and are almost entirely transparent;
  • The Zebra screen fabric is grey with white stripes;
  • The aluminium screen is flexible, tear-resistant and doesn’t get damaged easily.

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