External Roller Blinds

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External Roller Blinds

Aesthetics and simplicity are the two distinctive features of our external roller blinds. The blinds are mounted outside and run down directly in front of the windows or sliding doors. They are more effective at protecting your home from direct solar radiation than any indoor blinds. Our external blinds have been praised by architects, workers in glass buildings as well as individual homeowners. The blinds will not only provide more privacy and heat protection - but will also add charm and individuality to your home’s exterior!

Lex Blinds have been involved in numerous successful projects across the UK and beyond.

Thanks to our incredibly wide assortment, our expertise, a team of dedicated professionals, and many years of experience, we deliver outstanding results and successfully carry out even the most complicated projects. Whether you are looking for something basic and practical, or bespoke and sophisticated - your project could be the next to benefit from our expertise and experience!

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Easy to cleanEasy to clean
Suitable for conservatoriesSuitable for conservatories
Can be automated Can be automated
Works with Amazon EchoWorks with Amazon Echo

  • Very easy to install (either with standard side guides or cables with a locking mechanism);

  • Have an electric motor and can be operated remotely;

  • A wide selection of fabrics and colors to suit every taste/ interior;

  • Effectively protect home from direct sunlight; prevent fixtures, fittings, furnishings and walls from fading;

  • Mounted outside the window - thus saving space inside your home;

  • Easy to adjust and use - you decide how much natural light to let into your home;

  • Have side guide rails that consist of two parts;

  • Cassette made from extrusive aluminum and specifically designed for façade installation;

  • ZIIIP system can completely block out sunlight - so you can enjoy a
    pleasant coolness in the summer months and reduce air conditioning costs;

  • We also have a product which combines the functionalities of roller blinds and awnings; it creates a shadow and helps control the temperature in your home.

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