Facade Venetian Blinds

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Facade Venetian Blinds

If you are looking to add a modern touch to your home’s exterior and get reliable protection against the sun - then our facade venetian blinds are the right choice for you.
Similarly to classic horizontal blinds, façade venetian blinds are designed to provide effective protection against the sun, and prevent your home from overheating. However, façade blinds are mounted on the outside of your windows, making it an even more effective solution for stopping unwanted solar heat - while also freeing up space indoors. Facade venetian blinds effectively block out heat and reduce outside noise - while also allowing you to adjust the angle at which the sun enters your home. This makes our facade venetian blinds an ideal choice for workspaces, relaxation spaces or children’s rooms.

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Thanks to our incredibly wide assortment, our expertise, a team of dedicated professionals, and many years of experience, we deliver outstanding results and successfully carry out even the most complicated projects. Whether you are looking for something basic and practical, or bespoke and sophisticated - your project could be the next to benefit from our expertise and experience!

Child safetyChild safety
Suitable for conservatoriesSuitable for conservatories
Can be automated Can be automated
Works with Amazon EchoWorks with Amazon Echo
Made in the UKMade in the UK
Available in aluminiumAvailable in aluminium

  • Provide the most effective protection against the sun; block out 80% of solar heat and light entering your home through the window;
  • As the blinds are installed outside, you save indoor space; 
  • Can be operated manually or automatically;
  • Allow you to easily control your home’s lighting; 
  • Come in a wide range of colors to suit every interior; 
  • Designed to protect against the sun, rain, wind, noise - and even physical damage (highly robust and durable).
Technical details

The shape of slats  

Our blinds come in two available shapes: C-shaped and Z-shaped. Both shapes will allow you to not only
control the level of sunlight but also reach perfect privacy in your home.
These shapes allow you to fully block out daylight, and create an entirely dark environment - even in the
middle of the day!

Operating façade
venetian blinds


Facade venetian blinds can be operated:

  • With a remote;

  • With a simple switch;

  • Via a system installed within your home;

  • Via a mobile app;

  • Via solar, wind or heat sensors.






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