Jacquard Stem Dandelion

Orla Kiely Wovens Volume 1

Available color options
Bark Texture Bubblegum Bark Texture Bubblegum
Bark Texture Charcoal Bark Texture Charcoal
Bark Texture Khaki Bark Texture Khaki
Bark Texture Light Bark Texture Light
Bark Texture Orange Bark Texture Orange
Jacquard Stem Cream Jacquard Stem Cream
Jacquard Stem Dandelion Jacquard Stem Dandelion
Jacquard Stem Jade Jacquard Stem Jade
Jaquard Stem Khaki Jaquard Stem Khaki
Jaquard Stem Mid Powder Jaquard Stem Mid Powder
Jaquard Stem Tea Rose Jaquard Stem Tea Rose
Jaquard Stem Tomato Jaquard Stem Tomato
Sheer Climbing Daisy Sheer Climbing Daisy
Sheer Giant Stem White Sheer Giant Stem White
Slub Dark Marine Slub Dark Marine
Slub Saffron Slub Saffron
Slub Ochre Tan Slub Ochre Tan
Slub Gunmetal Slub Gunmetal
Slub Khaki Slub Khaki
Slub Flower Slub Flower
Velvet Bubblegum Velvet Bubblegum
Velvet Charcoal Velvet Charcoal
Velvet Marine Velvet Marine
Velvet Powder Blue Velvet Powder Blue
Velvet Misty Grey Velvet Misty Grey
Velvet Yellow Velvet Yellow
Velvet Warm Grey Velvet Warm Grey
Velvet Stem Bubblegum Velvet Stem Bubblegum
Velvet Purple Velvet Purple
Velvet Tea Rose Velvet Tea Rose
Woven Charcoal Woven Charcoal
Woven Dandelion Woven Dandelion
Woven Blue Woven Blue
Woven Moss Woven Moss
Woven Yellow Woven Yellow
Woven Charcoal Woven Charcoal
Woven Cornflower Woven Cornflower
Woven Cream Woven Cream
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Renowned for her retro inspired designs and 1970s styling, Orla Kiely is a brand that embodies colour and pattern, her With cut velvets, slubby cottons and stunning graphic sheers the fabrics are sumptuous in tones of mustard, olive, cool grey, emerald, inky blue and candy pink. This collection embodies Orla's signature look and allows customers to immerse themselves into the world of Orla Kiely.
Child Safety
Easy to clean
Suitable for conservatories
Can be automated
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Premium collection
Made in the UK
Technical details
Child safety


We all know that our children are relentless explorers. They are always on the lookout for exciting adventures and new senses to discover - even in their own home.

But such innocent curiosity can sometimes be dangerous - and even fatal. Young children can be strangled quickly and quietly by looped cords with carers unaware of what is happening.

Lex Blinds is a proud supporter of the “Make it Safe” campaign, which aims to raise awareness of the potential dangers of looped cords among families with small children.

We ensure that all our curtains and blinds meet the European Standard (BS EN 13120), which strengthens the child safety elements. It is our job to ensure that the childhood of the little people in your house is safe and happy.

Our clients also get an additional child safety device - a “Safe Child” chain holder clip, which can be used with all our manufactured products with chains.

The chain holder is attached to the window frame or the adjacent wall, this way making sure your little one can’t get tangled up. It’s an exceptionally safe and reliable way to protect your children from the risk loose blind cords pose.

The chain holder is also an aesthetically pleasing device, guaranteed to match any window.

Motorised Blinds

And if you would like to completely eliminate blind cords from your and your loved ones’ lives, then motorised blinds are the perfect solution.

Lex Blinds works to protect the safety and wellbeing of your little ones.

Up to a 5-year

We provide up to a 5-year guarantee and aftercare service. If a product malfunctions due to manufacturing or fitting errors, we will replace it - no questions asked! Also, we provide post guarantee for all our products - so you don’t have to worry about them getting lost or damaged on the way to you. More information.


We offer free measuring service for every window in your home. We’ll be there within 48 hours! Also, our skilled and expertly trained fitters will install our quality products with millimetre precision. More information.


You are always welcome to visit our beautiful showroom. Come to our showroom and browse our entire range all under one roof. LEX BLINDS professional and experienced team will help you find inspiration for your window treatments and make everything come to life in your lovely home! More information.

What Our Customers Say

Introducing the new collection of elegant curtains and roman blinds

Introducing the new collection of elegant curtains and roman blinds

Customer focus, a top quality, exclusive and extremely wide range of products - this is our way of showing you, our dear customers, our deep respect. Now, as we have promised, we are ready to present you with one more collection that was refined and selected thinking about you - the exclusive, luxurious and upscale collection of curtains and roman blinds.

The new collection lets you choose and match the most unexpected design combinations. Curtains or roman blinds of this collection will be easily incorporated into your favourite interior of any type: classic, modern, minimalist, or a mixture of a few styles. You will definitely find decor for stylish windows of a living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, children's room, or other premises in the vast new collection. Curtains or roman blinds which have a unique design will become a significant element of an interior in any space!

Great news for those who love precision and aim to harmonize every detail of an...


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