Roman Blinds

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Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are a practical and unique way to decorate your windows and add a touch of elegance and comfort to your interior. They can be combined with curtains - or become a great alternative. Strings and fabric are easily attached and unattached to a thin rail, fixed in position by invisible brackets. Instead of rolling up, the blinds fold, rising in neat sections towards the top. The higher the blind is raised, the more folds will be created - until it is fully opened. When fully raised, the blinds will form a 20-30 cm long band above the window. This is particularly handy for when you don’t want your blinds to take up too much of the precious space in your home. We offer a wide range of Roman blind fabrics and colours, so you are guaranteed to find an ideal option for any window!

Machine washableMachine washable
Child safetyChild safety
Easy to cleanEasy to clean
Suitable for conservatoriesSuitable for conservatories
Can be automated Can be automated
Works with Amazon EchoWorks with Amazon Echo
Premium collectionPremium collection
Made in the UKMade in the UK

Colours and design

  • A great alternative to curtains or other types of blinds;
  • Very versatile and can be adapted to any interior/ window;
  • The folds are equally sized (20-30 cm), so it takes up very little space;
  • Manufactured using “Absolut” mechanical system characterised by innovation and simple operation. The automated operation makes controlling your blinds straightforward and convenient; /li>
  • The design allows for several fabrics to be combined in one blind. A wide assortment of materials - from rigid to thinner and lighter (e.g., cotton, linen, etc.); 
  • Extremely easy to maintain - can be removed and washed.
Technical details


Fabric, cornice, rails, rings, hooks;

Installation methods

Can be mounted in a niche, on the wall above the window or on the window frame;

Operating modes

Via a simple chain system, or electronically (with a remote control, telephone or key switch);

Operating principle

When the string or chain of the Roman blind is pulled, the lower edge is lifted towards the top forming a series of neat, horizontal folds. The height of the folds will depend on the height of the blinds. Our Roman blinds fold into a 20-30 cm wide band above the window. The fabric may be fixed at any height. To adjust the position (lower/ raise the blinds), pull the string/ chain in the desired direction.






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